We offer a wide variety of restoration work, including but not limited to
Ceramic, Paper Mache, Wood, Stone, Plaster, Metal, and more.

We also restore and clean Oil Paintings.


The following are examples of Sergio Bustamante sculptures and Amphora ceramics that Mr. Parada has restored in his studio. He has an innate talent for this type of work plus years of experience restoring art at the Sergio Bustamante Galleries in the USA.  He also spent some time at the Sergio Bustamante Studios in Tlaquepaque, Guadalajara, Mexico, observing the process of how these pieces are made.  This is the basis of his expertise in restoring your pieces of art. Mr. Parada has great admiration and respect for the original artist’s work and he will preserve it as much as possible during the restoration process.

Example 1: Ceramic Sculpture

Bustamante ceramic sculpture; work needed to rejoin broken pieces and restore the original painted surface.

Example 2: Porcelain/Amphora

Amphora Porcelain Statue; rejoined broken pieces and fabricated missing pieces.